Cannabis Oil for the Skin 2019 | WOW I FEEL….. | NikkiBeautyBliss

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  1. My mother just went through breast cancer & she uses the oil over her chest area & face. It’s the only drug that gives her an instant pain reliever. She’s someone that doesn’t ever take strong pain killers. I had to get use to the smell because I suffer from a deviated septum. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to try this product. The bf is strange ….. show him more often in these try outs.

  2. Nope it’s probably the hemp species. CBD is part of my industry. One of my customers is launching new Kombucha with CBD. Much lower percentage of THC in hemp 0.3 or less. THC makes you high. Indica is the species with the much higher amount of THC. Many skincare products have CBD within the last year. Cannabis is a family of plants with different species FYI…

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