DECLUTTERING: TOP 10 TIPS | Matcha + Minimalism 🍵

Today’s video is my top 10 tips for decluttering! OPEN ME! ______ Life is messy. (Example A: The year 2020?) Changes, fluctuations, ups and downs, good hair …


  1. I hope these tips provide a balm for the entropy of life, or just some inspiration to up your tidying game. 🍵 Either way, I’d love to hear from you. Are you enjoying this Matcha + Minimalism series? Do you have any decluttering tips for me?

  2. The "One in One Out" rule is such a great strategy to hold yourself accountable, and prevent accumulation of stuff from creeping back into your life. Really well thought out and professional video! I'm glad I found your channel, it's always fun finding people that share a similar intentional living mindset. Just subscribed, and look forward to seeing more, keep it up!

  3. These are really helping to inspire me to get cracking on some long overdue decluttering. Really like the idea of donating certain things to a chosen cause that's meaningful to you. Also I'm long overdue on stocking up on some quality matcha! Perhaps can be an Xmas treat to myself once I've made it through my decluttering 😇

  4. You are absolutely amazing. What stores do you usually do your grocery shopping at? Do you ever stock up on anything like soda or water? Can you possibly do some in store grocery shopping videos? I think it would be awesome if you could show how you do your full shopping

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