1. Cbd vape and cbd oil is not good for everybody ! I use it every day I had flulike symptom and can't hardly breath.. First. I stop the vape.. I felt the same so I stop both.. Never gonna use it again ever .. Wasted a lot of money.. Money down the drain I bought 2 pen and 1000mg.. Tincture now I have to throw it away.. Ok go back to ? its better.. And cheaper

  2. Been thinking of trying cbd oil for my herniated discs. Ibuprophen does just not cut it anymore and I’m not interested in taking any kind of pain rx medication.
    Will cbd give me any side affects? If people take it for insomnia, does that mean it will make me drowsy when I take it? I have 2 young children home w me and the only worry I have is that the cbd will make me altered in some way.
    Any info from anyone would be a great help 😊

  3. Are Catherine's products really good? Or are there other brands out there that are less expensive? But still have the high-quality that hers do? I find the stuff to be extremely expensive for the horrible pain of in from arthritis and bone degeneration! Lots of $$$ for quality.

  4. My husband had a relapse of Lyme disease and he was in excrutiating pain. . . . since 1980 when he was bit by a tick. Today is 2018 he had a relapse brought on by extreme. . . EXTREME stress. , he bought a bottle of 3500mg of CBD and within minutes he saw relief from his pain. Interesting the hospital diagnosed him with carpul tunnel disease. What a bunch of quacks. CBD is a miracle.

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