Grow Tip: What Can Cause Downward Curling Claw In Cannabis Plants

Dude Grows Show clip from Grow Talk Ep. 950 The Dude, Scotty and Guru cover what causes cannabis leaves to curl down and claw. Answering a Grow Talk …


  1. Scotty you and I are alot alike I love the way you explain it. It seems so much easier and fun while I grow the killer LoL Thanks for all that all of you do Awesome πŸ’ͺ

  2. I have a huge crop running and 8/100 plants in Group B have a β€œUn happy root zone” which has caused curling, nute burn and a deficiency. At the end of the day Not every seed will take to a growing medium. It sucks but at least I know I’m not doing it wrong other wise all of group b would be toast

  3. I think it's genetics I have seen this before and noticed only happening on certain strains …if you have cuttings keep the main stalk fan leaves on and look for mutation bud on stalk or start of the fan

  4. Iv just transplanted and my girls are looking sad the bottom leafs are drooping and top ones are reaching for the light the middle ones got the claw with the middle bit of the leaf drooping can anyone help do I need to be worried it’s been 3 days now since transplant and iv dimmed the light form 400w to 250w

  5. I've had light burn that made the top 12" of a single plant look like that, except the leaves went the opposite way of "tacoing." One way you can tell it's light burn is if the problems get better further away from the light.

  6. I've been blasting my plants with very high quality saltwater aquarium LEDs and forgot to turn the UV level down, and the thing still grew like a champ and I still didn't get 'light toxicity'…something else has to cause curling, tough one.

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