Pot Smoking: Is Twilight Memory Real?

Now that marijuana is legal in 2 states, further studies on the effects of the drug on the brain are being conducted. Last year, one study found that long-term use …


  1. that study you mentioned didn't take into account that the participants were drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco and doing other drugs another newer study that came out with people using only pot had no such conclusions

  2. Yep and if you get College people together and have them calculate the speed of light you will find that the speed of light is in fact changing. But it's a Constant how could that be. Because there is a variations in people and I think that is all there measuring.

  3. I can see where this study is coming from, but at the same time my IQ dropped around college when I got sick and started having chronic sleep issues from pain with a steady decrease from high school(started at 16) it wasn't until after all that when I started smoking. I do forget a lot more now-a-days, but with too many other contributing factors to narrow it down alone.

  4. this video is outdated, hasn't anyone saw the be studies debunking the link between marijuana and lower IQ ? One even accounted for twins and found no link between cannabis use and lower IQ ( and the study was in teenagers up to their early adulthood)

  5. The truth is you lose up to 10 IQ points while high but this is temporary.  And the effects wear off when you sober up.  But When children whose brains are not fully developed smoke.  It can affect their brain development. So kids and teens should not use.

  6. The brain is altered to compensate for the shrinking of the brain that comes with decades of constant use. The area of the brain dealing with making decisions is shrunk, but the brain reconstructs itself to make other areas of the brain pick up the slack caused by the shrinking.
    It changes, but stays the same.

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