Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized: An Expert's Perspective

Professor of Pharmacology and co-author of Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts, John Morgan explains why marijuana should be legalized for the safety of the …


  1. I don't agree with him that marijuana is dangerous, I believe that it should be legalized because of its beneficial properties. Veterans with PTSD, severe anxiety cases, and even just general aches and pains can be eased by marijuana's calming effects. Too many people are quick to judge and don't take the time to understand what this plant can do for people. There is still so much research to be done, and the government should not hold our country back when this could be a huge medical and social advancement for America.
    Legalize, take the business away from the drug cartels. There has been a drop in violent crime in Mexico already, and the border patrol is finding smaller and smaller amounts of MJ as the US slowly legalizes state by state…

  2. NO NO NO. DO NOT LEGALIZE IT! Why? This is why. If it is legalized…MONSANTO will do to it, what they've done to our food. Seedless, and controlled. Seriously, natural weed will quickly become a thing of that past. Do you really want Mango Kiwi weed. With little to no THC, so you buy more?
    LEAVE things the way they are. Its easy to get, its not that expensive, and its the last natural thing on earth MONSANTO hasn't ruined. Designer weed. If this happens, its over.

  3. In response to michelle marijuana will help and one specific strain called charlotte web it has no psychological effects its pure medical look it up it was developed for a little girl with epoilpsey

  4. Will legalizing marijuana help people with epilepsy?  I have heard it will help decrease seizures.  Have had very bad seizures and even surgery didn't stop them.  Still take a lot of medicine.  Would love to be able to stop having seizures.

  5. If alcohol was less "traditional" in west European culture, I can guarantee you that it would be illegal today.

    I really wish the human population was more open to foreign things and ideas, it's really sad that marihuana must be such a taboo when tobacco and alcohol is probably way worse.

    Also you can't really die by marihuana, unless you take 40,000 times the normal dose. Alcohol however, is easy to overdose on.

    Alcohol doesn't have to be illegal though, I love my beer :3

  6. Don't compare your shitty cigarettes to marijuna,unlike cigarettes marijuana does not kill,it helps alot of people and tobacco help alot of people die per year…

  7. "Alcohol didn't cause the high crime rates of the '20s and '30s, Prohibition did. And drugs do not cause today's alarming crime rates, but drug prohibition does," Sr. U.S. District Judge James C. Paine.

  8. When they show people smoking marijuana in the news, they just look so happy. Nobody should be telling them what to do. It's like gay marriage. If you don't like it, don't do it and stay out of others' lives.

    I was watching Fox news for the lulz earlier and they said the legalization of marijuana will tear the country apart. But no. What will tear the country apart is putting restrictions on happiness.

  9. People are always trying to find an excuse to why marijuana is a "drug" or is "dangerous". What if I was to say that I think there is a possible chance that maybe gum can cause cancer? Let's illegalize it until we can find an excuse that it might be bad! Fucking morons

  10. Lets face it the stench of the drug is unbearable  and lingers far more then cigarettes.  It's not fare to the children to have to indoor such an odor in the movie theater or the gentlemen at a casino poker table. ***THE EFFECTS ON KIDS IS FARE WORSE THEN MOST PEOPLE THINK***

  11. Of course marijuanna has some hazards but in my opinion alchohol and tobacco products are a lot worse. 400,000 people a year are killed by tobacco in the United States. Thats just a rough estimate, and i know without even doing research that alchol kills a lot of people each year as well. Marijuanna kills 0, at least there is no recorded death from marijuana. It's crazy that people can go out and get shit faced drunk but someone else can't stay home and enjoy some marijuanna.

  12. Medical use? Keep it that DUDE. If your not sick n do drugs you cut off  your nose  to spite your butt. What MAY help one thing causes another. DILATED PUPILS N RED EYES BAD SIGN< SAME AS STROKE CONCUSION OR COMA> WANA BE DUMB FROM STROKE ALSO? SQUEEZE YOUR BRAIN< GET HIGH N STROKE OUT> BAD NEWS! 

  13. Watch what you hear n who you hear it from said Adam to Eve.  ,we  can no longer eat some plant cause of sins chemical corruption on mans lifespan. HAHA! Many advocates {not all} are Communist Party USA members who want to  dumb people down for control. I became a greater musician after I quit    parties, n with less practice. Other BIG stars said the same>Stevie Nicks etc. THE MYTHS ARE MARAJUANA DONT HURT LUNGS, even though hacking is a sign of damage n you shouldn't breath anything but air. Ever hear of smoke inhalation? Common scence..

  14. morality and law.. what a fine line we live within..
     we elect people to look over us for our best interest and well being( what is right and wrong).
     if we want to eat paper should our society tell us no? if we want to let our 18yr old child drink should our society tell us no? if we want to smoke with our kids in the car should our society tell us no? if we want to use cocaine should our society tell us no?
     it really is a fine line when you think about. we need some type of law and order, but how much?

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