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  1. There's a lot of things that need to go right to achieve your best yields and majority of the key factors to a good grow are on the gardener.. not the equipment used. I always assume the grower has sufficient lighting for the area being used.. I don't care what brand your rocking. I rather talk gardening and what needs to be done to set your self up for a great grow. I hope this video helps 😉 … also.

    Last weeks Clone to Harvest Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5lFqIhQPnA&t=19s


  2. Just want to say thanks…. new to gardening and your videos have helped. Last time I lost my first one to ants just after flower. Im actually gardening in general as therapy 😅. Your videos are interesting and make me laugh on top of learning from you. Anyways thanks fella

  3. Great video! When you mentioned that you use organic soil, are you referring to “super soils”, like the ones that just require water because the mix has everything in it? If so, do you ever add nutrients as you mentioned in this video? If so, when and which type do you use? Thanks!

  4. Wats a good light for a beginner with all there $ sunk in there growing set up and dosent have alot of cash is the walmart grow lights okay for veg and bloom stages. Its a full specrum light of around30 watts.j.b. thankyou.mr.cunnukk

  5. Always makes me laugh when people who know nothing about gardening think they can buy expensive equipment to grow good crops. Hands on experience is key when it comes to gardening. Every setup is different. It is on you as the gardener to figure out what equipment, mediums and ph works best for you elevation and climate. Plants can stress very easily which causes all sorts of things to happen. Best thing to do is start growing. Stop watching videos and reading books! Just start growing!

  6. I've been adding a lot of PK to my late flower grow and they're not getting as dances I like my temperatures are about 72 to 78 humidity about 50 to 55 and I have no CO2 and I just want to know why they're not dancing up I'm going to give them my ice bath I heard that works towards the last week or two

  7. Hey, nice to have someone like an older brother for say like you to count in, lol e ya bro! Anyways, I got a clone last year and was my first time and looked great throughout but buds never tightened and haversted a bit late, but was stoney af!
    This year my buddy gave me some unknown Sativa seeds and all 12 sprouted up to 3' in no time, gave 9 away and at least ended up with one beautiful girl. Anyhow, I topped my girl late in veg and made 2 colas as desired b4 flowering. I have buds bigger than my forearms now and just flushed 4 days ago and got my humidity and temp in tact. Just waiting for 2 weeks after flush and I got the bomb! Thanks you are the best!!! Bro hug to you my brother!

  8. Hey bro thanks for all the great tips im growing my own plants at the moment and they are on thier 4week off flowering ive had it on just soil and mirical grow mositure control but i really wanna ad nutrients im kinda on a budget so if thers anything u can recomand to make beter quality will be great 🙏👌 thanks in advance ..

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