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  2. Speaking of lights…. What's your take on cmh. My dellema is one I can't spell and two- I have both a california extreme 500 and a sun system lec 315 cmh flower power grow light. The space (on a light to rail) is a 2*6*10. Can't decide which light to use . Gonna be my flower room

  3. You have most likely have answered this question many times .I understand If you don't respond.
    If a tent is 7 feet tall ,lets say 4 x 4 .how far away to place LED light when in flower.
    The LED light is 450 true watts . Do you just place in highest spot In tent and allow autoflower to grow into it???or do you move light as autoflower grows. ????? Signed .
    Dazed confused with opinion overload

  4. Those showed sex very early into veg. I’m so glad my silver haze autos didn’t start showing their sex until a month into it!! I now have about 12 top sites on each (I have 2) after low stress training!

  5. JUST SEEN YOUR FIRST GROW!! IT WAS AMAZING! That NEXLIGHT IS still amazing! Ya should go back to that light and hanging it back all the way up top!! follow everything ya did 3 years ago!!

  6. Great videos. You mention using less nutrients with the autoflowers. Can you please let me know what the ppm numbers are at the different stages of growth? I am getting ready to try growing some autoflowers for the first time and have been having a hard time determining this information. Thanks!

  7. So I tried my hand at super cropping, and I think it went well. The plants bounced back in 24-36 hours. Although I noticed the bend has a brownish color, and my other one has a greyish color. Just wondering if this is normal.

  8. There’s a free app called Korona for par and lux and it’s free , I would like to see you test it against your actual par meter to see how accurate it is dr thanks 🙏

  9. Hi dude, first of all thanks for the videos iam learning autos and you channel is helping a lot, iam from brazil and don't have this kind of quality in the equips, mostly i have everything from china.
    These tips about watering helped a loti realized that i was using to much water.
    And one question is possible to grow 2 autos in one pot of 20liters?

  10. well some of the runts i have had have been late bloomers ….non pun intended…..particularly with photo periods …..great lights though …..definitley will be signing up for the 650s

  11. Looking great! I am running 3 autos and I had a runt but it took the longest to flower and it is taking over. And my biggest strongest one flowered first and it my smallest one now. These autos have a mind of their own!

  12. I got a question for you doc! So are usually grow photo call I have a brother who lives in Denmark and I brought back some Landrace strains that are crossed with modern day strains which is what I’m trying to do with myself right now but coming back to my question I have always been told and I have always read that auto flowers usually don’t take more than 70 to 80 days but I’m keeping mine on a 24 hour flight. And I they begin to flower at about 40 days that’s kind of ridiculous the results that I have gotten were great.-I’m beginning to think it is the lineage but I really have no idea can you shed any light on this thank you so much man I really appreciate your time great videos much respect

  13. Alright y'all when Doc is talking about these meters…GET ONE! Start off with a LUX meter (I use URCERI $30 on Amazon). It goes up to 200,000 LUX and I never need any more than 80,000 pretty much. What it has done for me is that it has taken away, or at least reduced, 1 of the unknown elements of your grow because once you find your sweet spots for each stage you don't have to be guessing if it was a light issue or not and then you can focus on other causes instead of guessing. Or, you can use it to target a certain plant to help it by increasing or decreasing the amount of light by a specific fraction without over or under doing it because an inch can mean thousands of units difference. Here's the thing though, if you are using LUX (and please feel free to correct me): It doesn't measure the whole spectrum like a PAR meter would. It's more like lumens or brightness, not what colors do what, but there are similarities in usage. You have to educate yourself about your specific light and what it's LUX numbers mean, but there are also equations you can use to determine your PAR from LUX. This little bugger has changed my grow life for the better and resulted in happier grows. But, take into consideration…A NUT is writing this! Haaaa Haaa haa ha h…Fade to black…A nut who has bought 12 or more LED lights in as many months. Why?…I'm still waiting for the reason…and until I do know…Cha Ching for Amazon and Ahhhhh for my babies relaxing in the warm sun (or so they think). Thanks for all the info and letting us into your grow world Dr. Autoflower. And my apologies if this long comment is bad manners. Like Joe Dirt "Help! I'm new!!! (Deertay AKA Dirte.) Life's a garden, Dig it???

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