4th week veg stage update for my Cream Caramel & Orange Sherbert cannabis plants!

Welcome to my 2020/2021 growing season! It’s the 2nd day of the 4th week of the vegetative stage for my Cream Caramel & Orange Sherbert cannabis plants!


  1. You da Man. I don't know where your going to put those other 3 plants cause looks to me like you only have room for 2 flowering plants? Your right on with the water, perfect. Those plants look amazing, you said it right just let'em GROW. Those are definitely Indica. Let them crowd each other that's fine. Your going to get some huge I mean huge leaves a lot bigger than your hand. I don't know you can't get too critical with analyzing cause not all plants will act the same even in the same grow and same seeds. I'm sure you know that. As long as the overall appearance is healthy then like you said LET THEM GROW. You can let them go 3 weeks into flower before you do a final trim, I wouldn't go past that cause it stresses the plant too much. I only do it at flip because I only have one way into my tent and I can't get to the back ones. By the time I transfer to the flower tent their ready for a good trim and cleaning up. I don't care for nets, I wrap mine up with string just enough so they won't fall over.AWESOME BUDDY!!! Happy Farming!!!

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