Celine came in with some tightness issues around the RHS Lower back, QL , Feet and Glutes. We worked through the Thoracolumbar fascial sheeting, Lower …


  1. I live in miami, where can i go to get that procedure, any offices down south?? Or any suggestion on chiropractors performing the same maneuvers down here.?? Ive been to other chiropractors down here and it is far, from what this guys does, ill. Pay. And. Tip. 4 an adjustment/masage like that, anytime..!! Please. Anyone. Thank. I

  2. It’s crazy that you don’t have over 100k subs yet but super close! Many viewers of your vids need to hit that sub button, like, comment. Hit that bell notification for awesome therapy, from grown men writhing in pain to women also writhing in pain, in the end, pure relief and feeling like you just released every single bit of feel good fluid into your bloodstream.

  3. I wonder if this would be good done over long period time for cellulite?I feel like it would also be good for lymphatic drainage?I would love to try but suffer from pain if I could do a couple levels down😂

  4. i feel ur pain hun 🙂 . On a side note the offer you made me looks like ill not be able to make it as i have received more things to take away from me saving to come over. Maybe once current personal crisis over i may be able to start saving to come over. Or if your ever over in the Lancashire area give me a bell lol . KEEP UP the awesome work mate

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