1. Not cool at all, DEA! Thanks to you Coral I started using CBD for my anxiety and I can say that after 2 weeks of daily use, I don't have it anymore. That is something I never thought could happen again. I also don't have to endure the side effects from Xanax or other addictive pharmaceuticals that I refuse to put into my body. CBD IS nonpsychoactive and highly medicinal, yet if I take probably more than half the LEGAL pills on the market that exist today I could get as high as I wanted. What sense does this truly make? Sugar lights more pathways up in the brain than cocaine! And if taken in large quantities, nutmeg makes one hallucinate for many hours. Are we trying to make it so young ones can't get high or are we just covering up the truth and halting safe access? Seems like a whole lot of greed to me. Because if we truly cared about people getting high, doctors wouldn't freely write prescriptions like they do. All these guys have ever cared about is money. The DEA needs to stop pushing their agenda and allow everyone the medicine they have chosen fit for their body. What ever happened to the land of the free, home of the brave? We need to rise up! They want us to pop pills..we want to use the entirety of a plant that has been medicinally used in many other cultures' for quite some time. And we should have that right. I don't understand why we can't just coexist; why their has to be so much hatred towards something that could potentially change lives. Why the governing agencies here feel the need most of the time to shove mis information down the throats of people that crave real knowledge?? If we implemented a ritual that was common instead of so taboo, like using CBD for anti inflammatory purposes like we do Advil or Tylenol, we would need a LOT less of their drugs. That's probably one of their worst fears. Thank you for the continual outpour of knowledge that you've given us over the years; the activism from you and others alike have started waking us up…THANK YOU SO MUCH for making their jobs harder and our lives so much better!!! ☺️

  2. Sadly, Trump will take the biggest bribe, which can be either from Big Pharma or the DEA themselves, it will lead to the same result, Trump following orders. Every single thing he has done since his fraudulent "election win" has been to put money in his depleted bank account. How many of us who rely on cannabis to SURVIVE will be the victims of this obscene, insane, alternate-reality BS we are forced to live with??

  3. It's honestly disgusting how this plant has been treated in the past and up until now. Did you know the first law regarding hemp/cannabis in the US is that any farmer with enough land was REQUIRED to grow it? That's because even back then they knew that it was incredibly useful and diverse!
    Then it became the "enemy" when it was realized that it could put big pharma, lumber, textile and paper companies out of business, or even just cut into their profits, or, (god forbid) it could create a healthier alternative for the planet.
    Then it became dangerous, because of "reefer madness"…seriously fuck off government. I'll respect you when you respect your citizens and show some basic human decency. Rant over.

  4. The DEA crying over media coverage of them ?  Oh ,  BOO HOO !  How many lives have THEY destroyed ? They have NO room to complain !  Also their misspelling of marijuana just shows how outdated they really are !  They will always be a road block for the cannabis movement  , one step forward two steps back .  DEA GO AWAY !!!

  5. The DEA should enjoy prohibition while it lasts. Legalization is a domino effect. With Cali alone having the 6th largest economy in the world, the state will have major influence on the rest of the U.S. when it comes to legalizing cannabis. Only a matter of time till those greedy people are out of a job.

  6. The government is supposed to represent the people, but all I see going on here is them whining that the people don't agree with them. It's completely backwards and people's lives will be badly affected by this. Especially children who rely on CBS oil to treat their health conditions. That really breaks my heart. I don't know how these DEA folks can sleep at night thinking about those kids.

  7. DEA needs to focus on heroin and meth before marijuana. They're just doing it because pharma is losing money and cares about money more than lifes. But if pharma would just go with marijuana they could make so much money. Make it so they can only make CBD extracts (or extract any other canabanoids like CBN etc) and put them in edible gummies or even just as oil or pills. They would be making billions. Not just that but legalizing marijuana makes so much revenue its beyond crazy. It opens jobs up for people. It's a medicine, a natural herb. You can't over dose and it has many medical properties. "what about the children" we treat it like alcohol. We don't let our children drink. Funny how cigarettes or alcohol is legalized and yet marijuana isn't in some states.

  8. Here is a quote from Chuck Rosenburg Head of the DEA who was appointed by Barak Obama,"What really bothers me is the notion that marijuana is also medicinal — because it's not," Rosenberg said in a briefing to reporters. "We can have an intellectually honest debate about whether we should legalize something that is bad and dangerous, but don't call it medicine — that is a joke."This is the reincarnation of Harry Ansligner.Our best bet for Federal legalization is in 2020. We have to begin to cultuvate a candidate that addresses a future with cannabis as a mainstream alternative to adverse corporate drugs. The same corporate folks that will lose the most from cannabis legalization.

  9. All Money. All They Ever Care About – All They Will Ever Care About. You can lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink. They will continue there war with Cannabis / Hemp. Truly Truly Sad

  10. Smh the DEA might aswell say "Fuck all of you people who need cannab….excuse me, "marihuana" because we don't want to acknowledge the benefits we know this plant has, hope all of you who want it legalized shut up or die so we can continue to screw people over and be jackasses in peace"

  11. Everyone will either as disabled stoners are gonna bring the renaissance down on the DEA, government, and banks that are using this distraction to keep pushing there pharma drugs are getting ignored due to THC/CBD has more public need over there manmade drugs that kill us slowly. But DEA still allowing CBD become rescheduled one for only CBD

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