Cancer Survivor battling Lupus Cause and Effect Cannabis Oil

At the age of 30 years old Vivian Curl had a complete hysterectomy due to 4th stage cervical cancer. At the age of 44 unable to find a job because patient …


  1. There are many jobs that don't drug test. TEACHERS don't get drug tested ya know…I sure am glad you're feeling better though. Do you think your executive functioning or topical organization in speech has been affected by use of the oil?

  2. You are simply Amazing! Thank you for your video testimony and all your documentaries.
    We just made our first oil last month and it turned out perfectly!
    I am working with a gentleman from San Antonio and Texas Norml to help spread the word and education online and through social media. I'm so excited! We Will continue to fight until our state changes it's laws and legalizes it!
    My personal website: Genesis-129 (dot) org Find us on Facebook under Genesis 1:29
    Peace my Friend! Love 2 U!

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