1. I thought I was crazy when I smoked weed jus last week and I had an encounter with God not only that I was able to connect with some of my loved ones who are deceased. Cannabis gives such a Devine and beautiful spiritual experience but after that I was unable to freely talk about it because I was afraid of judgements

  2. Judgment is a personal decision. Some people decide to judge others.
    The ways in which we enter in communion with the divine reality is a personal and intimate decision.
    Some people enjoy dance, some people music, some people cannabis, some people go to church, etc.

    Peace and LOVE !

  3. 3 joints of good stuff of a day is enough for an individual, but from cannabis we need to drink milk/curd with bananas, which is an inportant aspect of maintaing health. Because the weedsmokers can sense and see both.

  4. this Christian cannabis movement completely neglects the pursuit of holiness that we should have as Christians. it's more concerned with saying, "can I do this or that?" rather than asking, "how can I grow in my love for God today and become more like him and give him every part of my life?"

  5. Weed dulls your senses. If you get withdrawal from anything your addicted (idolising) and the bible tells us we should only idolise God himself.

    Don’t fool your selves brothers, I’m an addict of 20 years and weed has allowed the devil into my heart and life.

  6. lol you have been tricked by the great illusion sobriety is your only goal because it’s hard to achieve you money greedy pot heads lol grow your hair back it’s the reason you can’t hear the real you. False prophesy. Shame on yous

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