1. for thousands of years humanity has used cannabis as a natural herbal remedy for psychosomatic & physical ailments of one kind or another and has quite successfully been developed by various governments like Canada and Holland, Portugal and California, to name but a few, specific varieties of marijuana to suit all ailments, and it`s not a chemical and it doesn't cost billions of pounds, and always remember  prevention is part of the cure. and if you do smoke or ingest cannabis for recreational use, do not mix with poisons such as nicotine and alcohol as these will have a debilitating affect on the brain and body,

  2. legalization just means that the fuckers that "lost" that money at the pentagon have more money to lose. american government—the real cartel. The amount of tax money created in washington, colorado and oregon alone should be enough to have marble floored schools with filtered drinking fountains and teachers that have someone rubbing their feet. Where the hell is that money huh? Yay for not throwing people in jail but come on!!! the black market in America funded the fringes it stayed in the community supporting artists and thinking folks that didn't want to conform to an insane society. Ok so there was the occasional dumb ass pot head grower that buried their money somewhere on their land and forgot where it was, but thats a little better then spending it on bombs to kill random civilians.

  3. Gimme muh weed, Oklahoma!! Don't talk any shit on us okies. They never thought it would pass. We voted on medical weed in 2016 in the General election. It almost passed. So this time around, those shady Eli Lilly cocksuckers, put it on the primary ballot. If you don't understand the significance of this, allow me to explain. The fundamentalist right wing NEVER misses an opportunity to vote. They also dumped who knows how much money into anti medicinal weed propaganda ads. They still lost the vote by 14 points. Oklahoma Gas&Oil publicly prodded Mary Fallin into an emergency session after its' passage. They're "concerned" about worker health and safety. As it stands, Oklahoma's medicinal law is the most progressive in the nation. You are allowed up to 8 oz. finished product, 6 mature plants, and 6 seedlings. As Dave Chappell would say, "gotcha bitch!"

  4. When I watch cnn or msnbc on YouTube I find it curious there is no warning underneath indicating this news is funded in part or whole by military weapons contractors. Just saying.

  5. I tuned in, well clicked on the link. And you are still fucking yelling at me. I had thought some stuff on Canada, my home might be interesting but I just fucking hate being yelled at. You know this is the internet with volume control etc. You do not need to yell at anyone.

  6. Lee, I am stoked being a Canadian but I can’t help but see both sides of this story. So, yay we are going to legalize weed 👍🏽 yay tax revenue😏 yay no criminal charges or records🙌🏽 yay for no more closet smoking and closet growing Yay for no more shady drug dealers selling pot thru back ally pick ups supporting organized crime syndicates💟😌
    It all sounds fucking great right?!? Fuck yeah it does!! BUT … http://www.wakingtimes.com/2017/06/21/monsanto-bayer-maneuvering-take-cannabis-industry/ the dirty filthy billionaires capitalists have already bought and will >without any doubt < control the entire “industry” ☹️
    The corporate takeover of our natural cannabis plant has already been done and now Monsanto and Bayer are just waiting for nations to legalize it and then they swoop in with their tricks like shadow company’s Hawthorne and soon Leaf as well so they can finish the hostile takeover they began a couple of years ago for the soul monopoly of every aspect of the stupid fucking industry!
    The real Cannabis plant we know and love is the new corn and soy industry.
    Yeah legalization is going to be great!!

  7. Here in Massachusettes we have medical cannabis. Two years ago the voters (who mean nothing) voted to legalize it for recreational use. It was supposed to happen last January but the pols stopped it. It was to go into affect on the 1st of July. Guess what? There have been no licences issued! This state is one of the most corrupt in the nation. What is holding things up? My theory (from my experience with officials here) is the politicians, police, prosocuters etc. have not found a way to make up for the payoff money they recieved from the dealers. All the pigs who screamed ligalization the those a bad thing were most likely those on the take. We are going to sue the state before too long. From thier point of view: if you have been making tens of thousands of in payoffs and the payoffs stop how do you maintain your oppulent lifestyle? I call them pigs because that's what they are. They want everything and they smell like shit!

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