Cannabis Stocks To Buy 2021: How To Select Pot Stocks with High Growth Potential

… publicly traded stocks in the cannabis industry for medical or recreational use, including: CBD / hemp companies Cannabis oil extraction Cannabis cultivation …


  1. The delivery system is also very important; there is not better way to get a more precise, pharmaceutical grade dosage and faster desired reaction than an oral film. Are you at all familiar with INTELGENX? IGXT. absolutely unknown and would love to see you present something if you find INTELGENX interesting. Cannabis AND Psilocybin (Signed deals with Heritage, Cybin, ATAI, Peter Thiel) a 12 drug pipeline including Alzheimer's, Rizaport (headaches) Cyalis Vetafilm for animal medications, just insane potential. 2 PDUFA dates to be assigned this year (either is worth an Easy $1 IMO.

    Please take a look, absolutely no one is following and frustrating that there are no professional opinions on this.

    MUCH appreciated and Subscribed !!

  2. I feel very very bullish on 2 sectors – Semiconductors and 3D printing. More and more companies like car companies are leveraging 3D printing. Parts in several sectors I can see using 3D printing more. R&D is saved a lot and development time is saved. I got ARK PRNT and want to add more $ beyond the $5,000 I had in it. I got XSD and SOXX etfs. SMH is good too. TSM seems like it will be a winner in the coming years. NVDA another.

  3. The cannabis industry is walking a very fine line. Understanding the market and your general audience is very challenging right now. This is the key to placement. The demographic of consumers has never been more confusing.

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