Cannabis stocks to invest in 2021 | Will Cannabis Stocks Keep Growing?

Here is our analysis about the cannabis stocks you could invest in 2021! Stay with us for the full video and our detailed cannabis stocks 2021 analysis to find out …


  1. We haven't seen the full run for cannabis stocks yet. Just wait…it may be the biggest run for 2021. Perhaps next to Energy. Just get ready to pull the trigger! Don't want to lose on on this one.

  2. from what i gather Tilray is going to merged with Aphria. Aphiria being the larger company. A deal has been reached to start distributing medical cannabis to the UK. Then further into Europe. Aphiria didnt get the hype that tilray did so they stock is still quite cheap. I was long on tillray before the breakout, took profits at the peak then, decided to buy more like an idiot and came all the way back down again at a loss. None the less i bought more Aphiria Friday, as i suspect it will continue to be a meme stock, its cheap and an bullish emerging market. I feel it will do a Tesla

  3. I am playing the cannabis trade through Altria. Eventually, I think most or all of these companies will be wholly acquired by existing behemoths like Altria and Constellation Brands. I think Altria already has a large stake in Canopy, and within a decade cannabis will be legally sold in convenience stores along side the shrinking share of tobacco products. America needs the tax money after trillions spent on COVID relief.

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