Caterpillar Killer for Marijuana Plants

hey friends, so I had no idea what to title this video, I hope it makes sense. The point is, spray your plants before your crop gets destroyed. We’ve had pounds …


  1. Wow girl you and your man husband you two are amazing 😍🙌😍❣️ let alone so damn cute oh my 😇🙏💞🏵️🌿😎‼️👍 and on top of it all you guys are like us in Oklahoma 😂laidback having fun and really truly caring about your cannabis plants 🏵️🌿😎‼️‼️‼️💕💃😁🤗😳😳😳oh my gosh I'm just like you girl I want to cry I've got caterpillars and I'm first-time grower and I have been pulling 16 to 17 worms a day off my girl misses Zeppelin ‼️🏵️🌿💯🤸 OG Kush baby OG Kush yay I'm highly ecstatic that I'm in week 5 of flour 😳😳😳🏵️‼️💯🤸💕👍 but I'm trying to go totally organic at this point should I cut my losses and go ahead and and flush to keep the bugs I have left 😕🤔🙄😏😒😌😌😌 I'm really totally confused 🐸👩‍🌾😬😬😬‼️🏵️‼️💯😌 I love the way that you to do your video it's so outstandingly funny sweet and very informational more than you I love the fact you truly love your cannabis and have a great time growing 😳🤸💕👍💯😘☀️ great luck with all of your crops keep posting you two are hilarious 🤗🌸🌿🙏💞💃😎☮️🌏 a lot funner to watch than the other damn videos on YouTube ‼️😳😳😳💃😎🤗🌸🌿😘☀️⚡ peace from OKC we are we are legal and growing strong ‼️😳😳😳💃🌸🌿💪✌️

  2. Do what I do and Just use aluminum screen or black window screen , and make some cages from chicken wire the height and diameter of your plants then wrap the screen around the sides and top of the chicken wire tube you just made give yourself extra room for the plants final stretch during flowering stages , aluminum screen is more durable obviously it’s silver in color but it’s up to you if you want black screen you can always do both 😆 , then you just lift and remove the cage when you check the plant everyday , don’t just Cage it and never check it after that because there could always be a chance for bugs so don’t let your guard down now but the screen will definitely keep the budworm moths off ! , it’s also cool because the screen somewhat camouflages the plants and give them like 5-10 % shade and that’s good if they are in full sun on hot days , another awesome 👏 thing is you can release lady bugs and praying mantis bugs inside the screened cages and they can’t escape so they will be forced to live on your plant and protect it ! Forget spraying chemicals !

  3. the sun will burn your actual plant with liquid on it if its over 80 degrees…. (same for leaves and roots) water in roots for a hot day will cook your plant from the bottom…. i have this issue now with the cat pills and well i have to buy this stuff to find out if its true…… (spraying each other with chemical pesticide is fuckin stupid…..) not all that down with growers/people that are into that…..

    show your bugs please
    show dead bugs after use

  4. I get the whole "organic thing" but I dont care if the cure is radioactive and known to kill small amounts of OZONE with each use. I want something that is going to make them feel pain before being killed dead twice!

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