CBD IASO Detox Tea | Total Life Changes

Hey Hi Hello and Welcome! Let’s Talk C D tea! I am so Excited to share Our Full Spectrum Hemp Infused IASO Detox Tea! Can we say Level up! Our Brew Tea …


  1. Thank you so much for getting back to me… I couldn't even understand what I even wrote.. thank you for getting back to me. what I was trying to ask is it for weight loss I'm not looking for something to help me lose weight that's what I was asking you explain to me already what is for..

  2. Hello @MsGoGetIt thank you for stopping by! That is normal to experience some cramping gas discomfort… especially the week or so but it will subside. When you experience this be sure to drink water. Remain consistent it will get better!!!! I would not recommend starting off with two….I am guessing you mean two satchets in one…. scale back for sure. I recommend a 12oz bottle for the 1 satchet in the evening. Try the 12oz cold one night and then warm another night. Drinking it warm may enhance the experience without using more product.

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