CBD Oil In Kentucky

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The verdict on CBD oil benefits is still out there. Does CBD oil actually decrease inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other conditions?


  1. my experience was a clear and distinct increased sense of well being with the first two doses. beyond that there seemed to be no continued effect. it was as if a dose was needed but not frequently. friends of mine have had a similar experience.

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  3. Utility of hemp is manifold:1)fiber,edible seeds,edible oil and medicine.2)mind-altering drug.
    It seems that some cancer patients have found it to be a superior remedy for the nausea caused by chemotherapy and some people with multiple sclerosis appreciate its relaxant effects.
    Hemp seeds contain 25% protein and 40% fat in the form of an excellent quality oil.This oil has a remarkable fatty acid profile,being rich in the beneficial omega -3s and also delivering some GLA (gama-linolenic acid) that is absent from the fats we usually consume.
    I have a dream that one day all the countries in the world that produce hemp or cannabis switch their production towards high quality nutritional and medicinal products….., preferably with chocolate as a bonus.

  4. Hemp will have bumps in the road ahead, lead arsenate was "safe" to put on rice fields for over 60 years. Now much of the world doesn't want our rice. If those vast acres become hemp fields it will be hemp I wouldn't use. Issues like this will be good to be out in front of, thanks.

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