Could we treat cancer patients with cannabis at a fraction of the current cost?

New recreational cannabis options here in Vancouver are opening up cannabinoid therapy to ANYONE. Join me as I check out selection, prices, and a …


  1. About 16 years ago I came up with a way to get and stay healthy. Daily doses of Micro nutrients (super foods), colloidal silver, and cannabis. Haven't been sick once since I started. 16 years ago I contracted the flu that put me down for almost a whole month, it wrecked 1999 Christmas and New Years, it was really really bad probably should have gone to the doctor but didn't have money or insurance at the time. I swore that would never happen again!

  2. I am sure…..some people are "thinking"……is this an informative video ?….or….is this a commercial ?….an advertisement ?….everybody is unique….and everybody that has cancer…..has their own unique "cancer"…..and, it is your responsibility to treat your unique cancer, in the way you feel is best for you…..if you th

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