DayZ – How to Grow Drugs Tutorial | Cannabis Mod

This is a brief Tutorial on how to grow weed with Cannabis Plus Mod. Start your drug empire today! Filmed on DeadByZeds servers. DeadByZeds’ Server …


  1. Damn you saved me mate, i got the seeds from an aidrop, planted it, harvested it but when i got to a trader, i realized i cant just sell the weed as it is so this video saved my ass really, but i wanna ask, if your server has an option to make cigarettes out of the weed, how do i make those?

  2. Hey so I used plots outside and grew my first half batch with fert then realized I could use clippings and fert and used that for the other half, I got 3/4 buds per plants then the second time around in the same plots with the clippings I only got 2 out of each plant, is it bc of the clippings or bc of the plot??

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