Dems Move To Legalize Weed Nation Wide!

Three top Senate Democrats have vowed to work towards the legalisation of marijuana this year, including majority leader Chuck Schumer. Sen Schumer …


  1. I call BS!! 4-20 strike 2021

    Their entangleing so much in it, it won't have a chance to pass. Then "well, we tried but everyone wasn't on board. Sorry, maybe later". They're seeing the stage in advance for excuses as to why they lost.

    That's why it a "plan" for a proposal.

    If they were serious they'd break it down into separate bills.

    Bill 1: legalization /decriminalization for 21 and up
    Bill 2: individual regulation
    Bill 3: another individual regulation
    Bill 4: and so on

    People getting their hopes up for this without thinking they'll have to actually fight for it are sheep, and it's their friends family & themselves that will suffer for it.

    People need to be planning a strike this year, cripple the economy/stoke market. Workers need to do a 4-20 strike up to a week long & tank or corporate rulers profits if legalizing isn't passed by 4-20 with a democratic super majority in power, especially if their employers drug test for Marijuana or if their loved ones have lost jobs or been imprisoned.

    It's working people that use it the most & are in turn hurt by the laws that criminalize it. Need it just to be able to de-stress for a couple of hours from the grind that is life. From working bullshet jobs during bullshet hours with bullshet benefits & bullshet wages & can't afford to go to a doctor for fear crippling debt because their bullshet health coverage doesn't pay worth a crap if they can even afford the bullshet co-pays.

    Force that vote
    4-20 strike 2021

  2. I won't hold my breathe. If its popular with the American People the Dems will find a way to sabotage and tank it. Remember every time Chuck "Spineless" Schumer talks about Democrats taking bold action, nothing of any substance actually happens except more Republican legislation.

  3. This sounds great, but we all know the corrupt Republicans will never vote for it. Even this crook Biden doesn't support reclassifying marijuana or legalizing it.

  4. Fuck it. I grew three pounds of kind bud in my backyard last Summer because after fifty years I got tired of waiting for the assholes to say ok. Fuck em'. I've saved $2500 so far, better than GEICO.

  5. if this passes with republican support, the prohibition party will take a considerable number of votes away from only republicans.
    if the republicans try to block it, they lose everyone except boomers (the hippie-hating kind).
    i'm curious how the dems will manage to fuck it up this time.

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