DIY – Homemade CO2 System for Indoor Marijuana Plants – EASY

Hey guys! This is my tutorial on how to make your own homemade CO2 Redneck system. All I used was sugar and dry yiest, then I just add my water and shake …


  1. I have basic knowledge in chemistry.. When you combine the released Carbon dioxide with water( as shown in the 3rd container with water) the carbon dioxide reaction will become carbonic acid. When Carbonic acid dissociates(seen as bubbles in the water) the released gas is hydrogen and the rest remained in the water as bicarbonates. With my small knowledge in Chemistry, I have learned that carbon dioxide is a lot heavier than oxygen, so assuming carbon dioxide were in the third container, it will remain in the 3rd container because it will be pushed down by oxygen. Is the third container with water necessary? Just saying

  2. You could also add a little salt ,like a pinch, it will slow down the reaction and keep the bacteria from eating the sugars too fast, it will also help to keep the reaction going a little longer.

  3. I used to much or made it to hot but the next day I check my stuff the reaction sprayed out of my tubes through fan and on plants… Huge mess to clean thankfully not a lot on plants. I cleaned area and sanitized hit plants with foliage spray. Re did set up zip tied paper towels on tube ends at fan lol. My plants took some trauma but should recover right? Lesson learned

  4. Whaat about the water temp? Doesn’t it need to be around 80 or 90degrees? Also what about the night cycle when they don’t like c02? Thank you for the video

  5. There is another channel that has this exact video. Not sure if both are your accounts but if not someone is taking your video and the credit. Just a heads up

  6. Ok so I made this exact set up for my 2×2.5 grow tent, sealed it off and my co2 went from 550 up to over 2200, so it does work. However you need to keep the water warm to continue to make bubbles and it' hard to regulate to keep co2 between 1200 and 1500 ppm, cheaper alternative to tanks that's for sure. Not to sure it raises the level much in your unsealed closet though.

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