Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Discuss Possible Dangers of Taking CBD Products (Part 3)

Dr. Phil teams up for the first time with bestselling author, heart surgeon, and Emmy Award-winning host of The Doctor Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, to take on and …


  1. Sorry. I'll take my medical cannabis and be happy, focused (not fuzzy), functional, and calm. Cbd does nothing as far as my personal "issues" are concerned.😂 Taking CBD 🤔it's like a wish sandwich….wishin there was something actually there..

  2. Really? We’re gonna talk about CBD being bad? I take gabapentin which has a side effect that gives you pancreatic tumors. And don’t get me started in my other meds. But I’d bc dead without it so….I’ll take the chance. Everything has side effects. Tylenol can give you liver failure for crying out loud !🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Dr.Phil, medical marijuana is proven by certified doctors. The fake stuff I agree, is unknown & dangerous but medicinal cannabis. . . its not being legalized in all 50 states eventually for no reason. CBD is just the benefits w.o THC. Lol Criminalized? Be realistic.

  4. Dr. Phil, I love you with all of my heart but this is the one time imma have to say this is bs. And I’m not saying this because I smoke weed, I don’t. I actually don’t like the way I feel when I’m high and I don’t even like the smell of the smoke. It’s just not for me. But CBD has helped many people, not many people are gonna agree with you here

  5. I have a medical Marijuana prescription and get medical grade cbd oil for my chronic pain. It's the only thing that gives me relief. Getting your prescription is easy in Canada and the medical grade is ALWAYS better than the recreational products. Your health isn't worth a cheaper option.

  6. When cbd oil came out, i didn't know what it was. When i see something get popular, i don't take things at face value, i wait till a few years later to see if prior experience side effects. I don't take anything that I'm not familiar with.

  7. CBD is the only thing that stops my side affects from my bipolar medication, without it I would have panic attacks and digestive issues all day long. It has no psychoactive effects, like THC in Cannabis!

  8. Finally, I'm so sick of people acting like this stuff is a miracle drug. Also all of you complaining because someone's criticizing your precious plant need to actually watch the video first.

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