1. Don't think that succumbing to it “one time” is going to make the urge go away. Every relapse leads to wanting to relapse even more. Giving in to the drugs once is going to make you wanna do it again far more than if you didn't loose control.

  2. Elon Musk: “ my mind is exploding with ideas”. I wish he could give us just one example of an idea, that he personally came up with. None of the technologies at his companies, (SpaceX: reusable launch system. Tesla: AC induction motor and li-ion battery. Neuralink: brain- machine interface. OpenAI: GPT-3.) was invented by Elon Musk. They were invented by the engineers that work for him

  3. Weed is not good for anyone Joe, dont be stubborn. Smoke your weed and relax and let the effect go away and then get to work. I notice when people are high, I don't like it but I am usecto it.

  4. I'm always thinking too and I though I was insane because I couldn't focus in the moment because I'm always thinking and what I am trying to learn right now is how I can shift my thinking towards the ideas and the good

  5. The truth is charity begins at home. In a world where two groups hate each other, and kill their children, and rulers steal from their people; and he wants to explore the fucking stars and make habitat there??? It is in one's own selfish desires to put your intentions and discoveries, and interests first, and let all others come after. If we can't all cope and live harmoniously in the indigenous earth we have, how can greatness ever endure. The wickedness of man will continue to endure.
    Elon is a brilliant man, but he has put himself before God and others, that's why SpaceX will not prosper.

  6. I occasionally smoke weed to wind down. I like to watch movies high to really enjoy the story and the laughs but I’ve noticed more and more that weed brings out the “wokeness” in modern movies. Not a fan of that.

  7. Completely depends on what kind of work you're doing. If you're into creative work such as music, writing, designing etc, weed might actually make u better at your work. But if you work in the sciences and deal with analytical stuff, I don't think it's as beneficial and definitely hinders your ability to work w numbers and do calculations

  8. Idk about y'all but I really got into bud about 2018?
    I remember trying it a couple times in mid school but the people I hung with didn't do much but leave me be so I just got paranoid and alone… Which is what should build you right?
    Anyway I do occasionally get paranoid which I think is a wake up call for me working on stuff that I need to. Priorities? Maybe. But I get some very good ideas high.
    It's so weird how we react differently. I definitely have alot to experience, but I'm just a rookie at life… Let's get it

  9. i guess it really depends from person to person. i've known a lot of intellectuals who use it. off the top of my head (recency bias) would be George Hotz ( popular amongst AI/ developer crowd).

  10. Pot makes you stagnant. Content with not doing much. Literally smokes up your path to your purpose. Its so socially acceptable in young people now & legal so just another habit to build up to addiction.

  11. I use weed for sleep and relaxing the body befor bed Nothing more. It has it positives and negatives. People need to know this it is not cure all like they want you to thank. It can make you dum

  12. When I was in class 7 trust me I thought like Mr. Musk that I was insane when nobody throughout the class cloud gave a answer I would go to teachers and then would give answer to him in his ears. And I had a bouncing brain with ideas. But now it had slowed down a little bit because of competition I guess. I want to ask can I make it normal again, like that younger version of Parthib?

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