1. Chronic I have chronic pain and cancer and several other disabling diseases and medical issues my oncologist told me flat out no he would not write me an RX for cannabis then I went on to ask the nurse at my other doctors office the one who sees me for most of my or let me say all of my other medications and ailments while his nurse told me he's not going to write that out for anyone now how do I get medical marijuana because if I have been told that if I get medical marijuana they will take away my meds my pain pills all the pot in the world won't get rid of my pain I have everyday but it does help me when it comes to staying calm on top of my pills I get for my anxiety that are not strong enough either

  2. I bought very good quality buds, at very moderate price and i was shock it was deliver at my office via DHL . I highly recommend everybody to add him on Snapchat : Adamskush

  3. Got one in florida. Was super easy costed about $270 total (was a discount) and it’s literally the best thing ever. So many options to choose from they’re not strict at all! Can go to any medical dispensary in florida.

  4. I live in Washington state were recreational cannabis is entirely legal. It's weird to think in so much of America it's still illegal or extremely difficult to get cannabis for medical use. Although people whom campaign for legalization tend to exaggerate the medical benefits, it's such a safe drug when compared to even alcohol it's bizzare how much of a big deal it still is in so many states.

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