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  1. The plant is going to it is end of life. The Co2 levels are ambient, the temps are lower, the drinking is reducing every day, the food is limited and i consider the need of light is also not as much as it was at the peак of flower (weeks 5 and 6). When the other factors are limited it dont think the plant need so much energy.

  2. Weight scales are like training wheels on a bike common guys who the fuck wants to spend all that money on scales I rather spend it on another room and still grow more the uncle know it all and pop scales

  3. Shell announced that they are at peak oil right now and it’s downhill from here… My Grandfather use to tell me stories of people that swore horse drawn transportation would always be here along with their infrastructure. Things are changing despite your feelings… Also, there is absolutely enough lithium and new battery recycling companies are coming online like American Battery Technology Company (ABML). I strongly suggest you look them up, I’ve purchased a ton of their stock at .40, .80, $1 and it’s now over $3 before their first of 5 factories are being built. The first big factory, which is about to be built, is located 20 miles from Nevada’s Tesla Factory. That factory will have the capacity to recycle 20% of what is currently being recycled in the world as soon as they go online. Once they build all 5 initial factories, they will surpass the world’s current collective ability to reclaim lithium and other precious metals used in ev’s. Solutions are on the way, Nuclear is about to go through a massive revolution as well… Remember when people said LED’s were bullshit and will never have the capacity to grow great cannabis? We are about to see massive change and I’m already making serious bank doing my due diligence identifying companies that will bring that change. Don’t miss out on these MASSIVE opportunities to add to to your retirement because you listen to right wing dipshits like Ben Shapiro, it won’t be profitable.

  4. Not all coco is the same. Or even close to the same. The Conibo brand I've been using is unlike any other I've tried. All long strands, no dust. Very reduced water capacity compared to most allows for more watering without ever approaching anaerobic conditions in the root zone. Look at DWC? Oxygenated water is a good thing.

  5. 1:53:00 I totally agree with you poops I never started noticing this until I started growing larger number of plants but definitely smell the smell of chlorophyll or fresh grass is soon as the lights turned off I don't even have to look a at my app or the time off day. I know immediately as soon as I smell the smell that you're talking about that my lights have turned off.

  6. Good show but plug in hybrids have terrible mpg in gas mode I wouldn't recommend taking one on long trip just get two car nice electric and ab gas car you will be fine

  7. awesome Show as ALWAYS!!!!!
    Spartan Quote of the Show, right off the bat!!! GML asks hows everyone doing, Spartan says "Well, i grow weed for a living ! So I'm Happy!!!"
    CLASSIC !!!
    totally detrimental whats goin on in Texas, totally feel for our GROWMIEZ down South-
    Keep Kicking Ass Fam!!!
    Anyone wants to hire one of the most dedicated, loyal, Best work ethic. no kids, no wife/GF, no debt !!
    PUT ME TO WORK FAM!!! I'd be one of the Best Workers that you will find. and if i dont know it, im an extremely quick learner. highly efficient, my mind is always thinking and working on solutions and better ways to do things to complete my tasks. i am known for being extremely available, missing 4 days of work in 11 years at one of my longest tenured jobs.

    I am trying and trying!!!

    until then, Im just your LOCAL GROBRO

  8. I've heard you're supposed so submerge the moisture sensor into the pot at transplant and have the prongs pointing inwards toward the root mass which would theoretically grow around the sensor. This is what I heard was the best way to get an accurate reading since the location of the sensor would be in the highest moisture area at watering and the last spot to dry out. Cheers fellas! Love the show. Check out Teros 12 or Aroya Solace sensor

  9. Lolz to your zero knowledge about electeic cars v hybrid

    I guarantee you'll laugh at yourself in the near future for this.

    First one of your friends will buy a tesla and thats it. You'll get to see whats up

  10. The discussion about the electrical cars is just so cringe. Dude needs to do some homework. The infrastructure already exists for electric cars. I can easily go on road trips with my model 3, I never wake up with anything less than 100% charge. I accelerate faster than any car I drive by.

  11. Dude doesn’t believe scientists about global warming but believes scientists about catastrophic weather due to pole flipping? I guess global warming just needs to sound cooler or something. Oh, or maybe needs to just be associated with jobs.

  12. Great show as usual. Hey GML please ask Mr Wolverine how does he reduce the lighting during the last two weeks of flower (flush) phase. Day 50 i turn down 650r to 500w, 5 Day later to 450 and finish Last 2-3 days at 400w. Also the Co2 Day 50 1200 and every Day i reduce it by 100ppm to ambient levels. What do you thinkn guys…..?

  13. Hey Steve how many hours you have into climate research? It’s funny how much research you have into light research and I bet all lighting companies say that have the right light. Just remember science is based on research not talking points based on political views. The earth is not the center of the universe. Try to have on open mind. I bet you like to have a nice cool drink. Just think how that drink would taste without ice. The ice is a buffer that keeps the drink nice. And on earth the ice is depleting. See the pictures it is science fact that ice is melting

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