(Intended for the 18 & over) Episode 2 of Learning to grow weed easily from start to finish. The ultimate grow guide for beginner growers. Episode 1 …


  1. ? For you? I live in us, Gaia Green is affordable @$50 or so, however shipping is like $170. Can you tell me comparable products available to me. New grower and am really liking the dry ammendment rather than bottled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You & love your videos.

  2. So I was needing some advice, one of my seedlings which is a blue amnesia is 4 days old and I have an og kush that's at 6 days. Well I clipped my first little leaves that sprout in half that's on the blue amnesia, just for the hoping thought that the plant will stop putting energy in the bottom leafs and put its energy into continuing growing its top…so was it a good idea or am I going to regret it later?

  3. This dude is about the most legit I've seen a grower be. Like everything this guy says about how anything will help your plant he puts his money where his mouth is and grows nothing but the dankest of bud. Respect to ya #Mr.Canuks

  4. CO2 bro just like lifting weights like talking rosin press lift your rosin imagine having a thousand pounds of rosin I use the Cloud inline filters they're very efficient but they still need that CO2 I was using TNB I switched over to the XXL exhale bags I found a company that gave me free shipping at $50 a piece so I bought two of those for my 4 by 4. my plants **** going nuts I just replaced my RO water with a new filter in week 6 of Bloom they still need another 6 they're full of trichomes I think oxygen is just as important as what you feed but you got good success just with the fans just think you could cut three fans back and save and put your money towards seeds but I'm just talkin what works to me we all do what works for optimum yield just like gaining that fat where it belongs I like it in between my legs

  5. This channel has gotten boring, it went from being cool when Matt was happy, enjoying growing, and talking to his fellow fans. Now there’s no interaction with his followers, nor any shoutouts anymore. I find the big YouTube channels are getting to boring and turning into a YouTube movie more than a true raw video from the growers. Anyways take care Matt, I have learned all I could off you and the channel has gotten very dead in terms of excitement, further knowledge shared. It’s become more of a promotion channel for companies to advertise. Hopefully you see this and start being the great grower you are and start your own genetics. Time to take it a step further, rather than letting the channel top out at waiting for closet grows

  6. Yo what up Matt, i have a question. Can you grow photoperiods without doing any transplanting. Just start to finish in a 3-5 gallon fabric pot? Watering carefully

  7. Can someone please help me figure out if my my plant is done it’s gone nice buds some orange hairs and some Cloudy white I don’t have a magnifying glass so I can’t see the trichomes anyone can help please ???

  8. Hello there i a big Fan of your work like 1 year now as it was then when i first saw any of your video being recomended to me!! Since then i learned more than 50% i knew already and love all your videos cause you explain everything, you seem very cool and proffesional guy !! i just wanted to ask if you ever gonna do Airpots videos which is something new i discovered like 1-2 months ago, just wondering… keep it up !! Peace out!!! One Love !!

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