Growing weed in Colorado! Seed and Smith Dispensary

This was probably the most fun I’ve ever had making a video! I went to the dispensary “Seed & Smith” in Denver. Little did I know they offer tours to the pubic of …


  1. What I really enjoy seeing is what you have bought and your opinions the last couple of dispensaries you haven't really showed what youve got….good vid tho all constructive criticism ☺

  2. To anyone reading this, eating/chewing black peppercorns does not actually work in counteracting a sativa. Please do not do this and hope that your high/freak out will go away, because it will not.

  3. I'm 20 just waiting till I turn 21 so I can start working in the medical side of cannabis, for sure going have to check this place out this summer when I head West! Great video!

  4. I would like to ask, when seeing a large container of medium sized buds abo it what happens to the main cola? Do they immediately break it up into smaller bids before drying or before curing or is the main cola always kept for the personal use and. It for sale or what…????

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