How Do We End Racism in Policing?

In our series โ€œ100 Years of Racism in Policing,โ€ we took a critical look at post-riot policing commissions over the last 100 years. We saw that the trends we see in …


  1. What about the Colorado case of Elijah McClain? This young man was killed while in police custody in 2019 trying to bring a drink (non-acoholic) to his younger brother at home! The police said they would have to investigate before they could determine why Elijah had died even though both police officers were wearing body cameras. Exactly how long does it take to review these tapes? 2019 to 2021??

  2. To the title How Do We End Racism? I do not know if that should be the primary goal or if you can make that happen because we cannot assume to have the power or absolute formula to change racists to non-racists, although there should always be efforts along that line. First we need to pass strict laws against unjustifiable killing or maiming or attacking citizens of any race with clear lines drawn and definite punishment for any breach of those laws. This goal is not more easy but I think it is the right start. Black lives will be seen to matter if the police are held to that standard.

  3. It seems that the main thing that is needed is to have non-police boards of citizens and professionals in each community that would police the police instead of allowing them to oversee themselves. I know, big project and how to achieve that? I am not following your videi msg well because I am sleepy and trying to do my taxes. So I think I will listen another time.

  4. Is it possible to address Pennsylvania vs Mimms 434 U.S 106 (1977). This Supreme court case has allowed officers to simple state they were afraid for their safety and thus order citizens out of their vehicles. Once outside their vehicle officers then proceed to search the vehicle. This practice has caused disparate damage and prosecutions to the community.

  5. The problem is lawyers who want to scream racism for the rich man who exploits the working class and poor and who started the problem to begin with and continues to encourage it in different ways today. They should've outright asked the question how do we end racism in policing while protecting the interests of the super-rich ruling class to continue to exploit the population? The question I would've like to seen addressed is how do we link up with all communities white, black, brown, etc., for support to end the war on drugs which is behind a huge amount of violence and incarceration in this country? I believe the ACLU is bought and paid for by the wealthy so-called Democratic Party and will refuse to address this issue in a more fundamental evenhanded way. See, for example, "Law Enforcement Action Partnership", at; "The War on Drugs Has Made Policing More Violent", at; "Ending the War On Drugs Is Key To Long-Term Police Reform", at; etc.

  6. Thank you Jeffrey, Carl, and Paige and Trone Center. A very informative presentation. I hope you'll continue this initiative. Could be helpful to have a presentation on various state initiatives.

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