How I take CBD oil for depression…

Today we will talking about how easy CBD oil is to use and how to work out the dose you need. I am using a high dose oil for depresion but this should help …


  1. I used to marijuana daily when I was younger I quit for a while because of my first child I ended up developing a bad case of anxiety and anxiety attacks I tried smoking again and it just makes it worse weirdly so I've been scared to try this product but the drs want to put me on a bunch of pills and I rather not do that

  2. After watching your videos I've decided to take the plunge and give CBD a go. I ordered the CBDpure 600 and will let you know how it goes. Thank you for sharing your story and as a father of two boys 10, 12 I can't begin to understand that pain however I do understand the depression as mine I feel was brought on from the loss of my father. I think you putting yourself out there to try t help others is a fitting way to bring light out of dark place, thanks again Andy.

  3. The way you medicate sublingually is the most effective, as you get the quickest relief. 90% absorption rate! But it only works if there's no alcohol because that burns so bad you can't hold it under your tongue. So don't try it with an alcohol based tincture. Glycerine based tincture is better. I'm so eager to try my CBD isolate! It should arrive today or tomorrow.

  4. Thank you, thank you for sharing your experience! Myself and husband have been interested but reluctant. We both suffer with depression and long to just live and have fun with our two yr old son and it not be such an effort. Seeing you on and off of the oil is so telling and obvious that the oil works. Someone should be writing you a check man because we are sold!! Keep up the good work and look forward to more videos.

  5. Hi Andy, I have been watching your videos and I have ordered my own bottle!
    I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, I know completely where you were coming from.
    So happy to here how well this is working for you. Hopefully it will be the same for me!

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