First… Sundial Growers (SNDL) Should you buy or run from this stock?! Globalstar (GSAT) & Gilat Satellite Networks (GILT) are 2 stocks ready to take off in 2021 …


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  2. I’m a holder of SNDL stock since .75 and I also realize that it’s success depends on US Federal legalization. I can’t see it surviving too long in the overcrowded and super competitive Canadian pot market industry. It’s a speculative play so don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose, but the rewards in investing now even at $2 versus after legalization is enormous. SNDL+Full Federal Legalization= Millionaires in the making.

  3. I had sndl at 35 cents and 14000 shares of it . When it got to 55 cents I sold all and regret so bad and jumped back in at 3:70 and it took a dip ‘ but I’m holding and bought more !

  4. Interesting video…. but did you just say that professional analysts may have overlooked Globalstar recent deals/activity? I guess they're not very professional then. LoL

  5. Can we talk about CLVR? Why it is the better option over SNDL. only 20mill float and only 350mill in it. Just saying, on average there is about 2 bill or more in other marijuana stocks. CLVR is US company. Serious thoughts, its still under the radar.

  6. Why are we comparing stock prices of GSAT ($4.5B) and GILT ($1.25B) and not their market cap? GSAT up 630% in 3 months and GILT up 300% in 3 months. Ignoring all these other factors and comparing stock price only makes sense?

  7. Check out RTON. They're now selling cbd cigarettes. Their outstanding shares are 900 million, which is low for an etc and is ar a 2 million market cap. I bought 1 million shares at .0025 and is now .0068. They're similar to TOBAF. BTW, the new administration are a bunch of commies. Read up what Hitler and Stalin did. Just saying.

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