Is This the BEST BUDGET LED GROW LIGHT For Growing Cannabis? [MARS HYDRO SP-3000]

We’ve had a lot of people ask us if this affordable LED grow light is the best for growing indoors…Well, we decided to check it out for ourselves! Mars Hydro leds: …


  1. Good to know cause I bought one a couple weeks ago, my first "higher budget" cheap light. I appreciated the par map in my 2×4 tent and since this is my first "planned" grow I hope it all works out. Really respect when yall can co-sign some shit I already bought!

  2. Running Sp 4000 . I have 4 of them. 8×8 tent new to growing . Just about to start . But … Struggle with the light Percentage during veg and flower and height . Great videos . Also running autos . Much love from 🇨🇦‼️

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