Lords of Acid – Marijuana in Your Brain

Marijuana in your brain Takes more time to ejaculate Roll up a spliff and throws away the day With marijuana in your brain You smoke all day … mmm Hear me …


  1. Saw them twice at a club called Numbers #'s once for this album. 2 different lead singers but they were Amazing both times. I listened to them all through my teens. One of my fav bands!
    Sad thing is now kids call the club hashtags😭. WTF??? Im getting old!

  2. I got hooked onto this band back in '96 with Lust and I still love listening them to this day. I was abe to get the unsensored CD cover of VooDoo-U when I was in techschool at Sheppard AFB, TX in '97. I will always love thiss band.

  3. Yes!!!  Great song!!  I saw them in '97 or '98 (can't remember) at the Masquerade in Atlanta.  Jade4U picked a guy out of the audience, made him strip to his underwear, and tied him up on stage and whipped him!!!  It was f***ing crazy!!!  Ha!  Great show…good times,…good times.

  4. I remember my friends {Nathan,Chris}brothers, that lived down the street.They introduced me to Lords of acid,I introduced them to Psilocybin.{magic mushrooms}.There  was a cow field behind our neighborhood in Texas.I had went to the library {pre-internet}and figured out which ones were edible.We had alot of great summers together.Those were the days

  5. OMG!  I remember listening to this on a pirated cassette in my "85 Horizon driving to Tracks Club in Ybor City in the1990s! Or driving to Sacred Grounds coffee house that was on 30th street in USF area of Tampa.

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