Medicinal Cannabis: Helping Children & Providing Hope | Bonni Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein shares her experience treating patients with cannabis and why she feels it is important for healthcare professionals to attend CannMed 2017.


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  2. Folks, I know you're on the left coast I am on the right coast here in Maryland but please let me expound!!!! In an effort to attend a cannamed event and get out the word about the medicinal value, the neurological value of medicinal marijuana, I am sending this email!! For The last year I have emailed countless politicians,(my governor included) representatives, political figures, doctors, lawyers, universities, major newspapers, television stations & radio stations and all I get is a form thank you email!?!? I have a 32-year-old son with rapid fluctuating bipolar disorder!! My son is the meanest person that I know and I am 62 years old!!! Making a long story short!! Suffice to say he rages every day!! I gave my son a 30 day supply of CBD oil and for one month we had a normal son!! instead of raging he spoke in low even monotones if he spoke at all!! Sadly at the end of 30 days when the CBD oil was gone the monster returned!!! Now about my daughter harmony she is 37 years old and has suffered her entire life with an UNDIAGNOSED, Progressive degenerative muscle disease!!! We knew early on that something was wrong because when Harmony was attempting to learn to walk her feet pointed down and her toes dragged with each step!! By the time harmony was 10 years old her ability to speak had faded away completely! By the time Harmony graduated high school she was all but committed to a wheelchair!! And in early 2017 my daughter requested a feeding tube because she can no longer chew and swallow consistently!! Doctors told us years ago that because it is a progressive muscle disease and that the heart and such were muscles the length of my daughters life would probably be in question!? Based on the progression of the disease we fear we may be nearing the end phase of it?! There has been severe depression for the last dozen years or so!! Quiring three or four hospitalizations and numerous godforsaken pharmaceutical drugs that never worked!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!! We know this because my daughter still carried the same sad downtrodden unhappy thoughts even while being medicated!!! Approximately October 1, 2017 after much research and with my daughters knowledge she took her first dose of CBD oil!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!! In 1 1/2 hours my voiceless speechless daughter wrote me the following UNSOLICITED message, "Daddy I feel very calm and at last my racing thoughts have ceased"!!!!!!! Let that sink in folks a dozen years of godforsaken drugs never worked and my daughters thoughts were cleared in an hour and a half through the use of CBD oil!!!! Here are more unsolicited comments by My Daughter after subsequent dosing with CBD oil and I quote, "it feels good to feel good in my mind again" & "it feels good to be able to think" & lastly and more importantly, "nothing they have ever given me has made me feel this well"!!!!!!! What more do you need to hear??? here are 3 suggestions!! YouTube video and search, "medicinal cannabis and Parkinson's part 3 of 3" & "medical cannabis owns this seizure" & "medical cannabis stops Stefan's seizure"!!!!!!! Blessings to you all☮️🙏

  3. I'm really looking forward to reading Bonni Goldstein's new book called "Cannabis Revealed", which I recently ordered from Amazon. Thank you Bonni for all you do for the promotion of cannabis as medicine!

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