My Thoughts On Gorilla Glue Girl (5 Stages) – Correct Opinions Clip

Gorilla Glue Girl has brought the nation together. Trey explains his 5 stages of feelings on Tessica Brown’s situation. Subscribe to the channel: …


  1. This is stupid and why people in other countries hate us. A 40 yo woman knows better that putting glue in your hair. And people feel sorry for her. And donated over $20,000 to this dumbass. Then some doctor takes care of her for free. Only in America does being a dumbass pay well. But in a month people will have moved on and she will be broke again.

  2. Thank you for covering this in such a kind way! People have been so rude towards that poor girl. Regardless of the outcome it must have been scary to not be able to get that stuff off. And it’s nice to see someone just talk about this in a way that’s not mean or degrading 🙂

  3. She does NOT want money and does NOT want to be famous. Mayne you should watch a few of the videos she has spoken in. Crying! Getting death threats. 😥

  4. I'm 13 and let me just say ur content and podcast eps are AWESOME and I know there'll be more to come this year and its hilarious content that u provide and it makes me feel great when I'm down. Keep on keeping on‼️ 🙏🙏💯

  5. Hey. I loved your content. I have been trying to search for a vid similar to yours that explains everything in this YouTube video. 👩‍⚕️ The part at 1:28 is my fav. Your breakdown reminds me of the content from this new med student Dr Ethan. His explanations are helpful and he really helped me a lot on finals. He is an insightful medical student in the UK and he talks about mental health and vitamins!

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