Our Steps For Harvesting Plants – From the Stash Podcast Ep. 17

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  1. Great podcast!. One correction though. That statement about a 5% effect range for the boveda’s is not accurate. There’s no range… It’s only a matter of the size/# of packs you would have to use. They make about 4 different sizes per humidity level. Also, they will work no matter what the starting humidity level is, if you use enough small ones.. Either way, Same effect… Your just not using big enough, or enough overall packs.

  2. Imagine what weed would we have if it is legal to grow in the whole world. All different people with their own experiments and all. Oh boy.
    I hope we will live up to that day.

  3. Trimming for hoby grower is totally irrelevant how you do it. Just the thing of preference. Not talking about comercial grows.
    What i wanted to say is you waste to much time for nothing.
    Same thing how i like to my plant looks. Main stem low to the ground, with tight nodes and branches spread arround like spider. Thing of preferrence. Otherwise, great to listen. 🥃🚬

  4. Loved this episode guys. Especially the end. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and helping to make a “growing”family. I suffer from anxiety/ptsd while I’m on my first grow I’ve always loved plants. Cannabis helps calm me down, keeps my wife from killing me in my sleep, and makes me functional. Being able to get accurate information to make me a better grower is why I SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON 👍🏼

  5. For those growing indoors. Especially no-til organics. You encounter a lot of bugs especially fungal gnats Washing will help kill off those flying dead bugs that we can’t see.
    Another thing to consider. Look at your fans , that dust , hair , dust mites that collect on those fan blades also are being collected by those sticky oily buds. Think about it.🤔 I wash.

  6. What do you guys think of getting chloroform on your bud when wet trimming? Like all the juices u don't want on your bud when u cut leaves and stems when it's still wet? Really curious

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