Researchers suggest cannabis should be studied as possible treatment for COVID-19

Experts from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute are recommending scientists study the potential use of cannabis-derived …


  1. It was brought up before the US was going to issue lockdowns and the guy said we need more studies. Every time they say we need more studies is a reptilian move. We know it cures covid just as it cures cancer and HIV! Yall should study having a heart and practice telling the truth. Daily!

  2. I was working in oklahoma City and and in the beginning of covid-19 and been occupied a room in hotel and never infect me , trying understand that am consumer CBD and THC tnx God never feel any sytoms about nothing , so could be work against covid-19

  3. I had COVID-19 and I am a user of cannabis, I noticed my symptoms on July 8th 2020, and was tested positive at the Southern Immediate Care center. However I noticed my symptoms went down as 5 days after using cannabis heavily, my symptoms went down. When I told my doctor he was shocked to find out the COVID left my body… I'd like to remain anonomys.

  4. I don't know anyone that smokes weed that's caught the virus. Not one person.

    of course they say they want you to use it with caution. They just don't want people to self-medicate and figure this s*** out on their own it's the ones who stereotype weed that are going to miss out on this natural antidote.

  5. Cannabis saved my grandfathers life and it saved my grandmothers life, both had cancer, both went into remission after i made them homemade Rick Simpson oil (Phoenix Tears) they were a little drowsy at first, but once we got dosages down, about a grain of rice twice a day, they were both cancer free within 3 months, grandma had leukemia and grandpa had colorectal cancer, i also made suppositories for grandpa made of rick simpson oil diluted in coconut oil and put into plastic straw and frozen over night, dont believe the media, the doctors, the scientists, they are all paid off by the same people, who use them to pump radiation into you! save yourself, for FREE!

  6. This sounds better then vaccines with nearly zero research behind them. Why isn't it legal yet? I guess the RX corporations won't let it pass. They have too much to loose, that cancer and pain pill money must be more addictive than heroin itself

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