The garbage cannabis that U.S. scientists have to work with

If you love and or value cannabis, it’s probably because of how it makes you feel. And there’s a wide scope of what that can be… it may heighten your creativity, …


  1. I don't see why things would change. Cannabis and meditation anchor people in a broad reflection that allows them to be freed from the pernitious imbecilities that the political and religious system induces in the name of self saying: "common good".

    To feel good is to feel free and above everything, to believe in life and not in destructive consumerism.

    So how could they make money without chemical drugs and shitty propaganda?

    Without money or pressure levers, they are nothing ….. nothing!

    I don't know who is right or wrong but I know when I am free and ecstatic.

    I will die with my cells full of cannabinoids and terpenes and my soul full of peace.

  2. Unless and until, "they' figure out their most profitable plan first, they will postpone "laws" until it suits them. Then suddenly, the scientific research/scholarly communities will be fast friends with government interests….
    Becca, the question is WHY?
    And the answer is obvious to this high girl 🙏♥️

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