Weed Talk News: Executive order to expunge cannabis convictions?!

On Weed Talk News this week, NBA legend Chris Webber teams up with JW Asset Management to create a 100 million dollar investment fund for social equity.


  1. Yeah okay but go to prison or go to re-education camps for wrong speak. Dont trust these neoliberals. They use handouts and play to ppls desires to maintain power. Vast majority of right leaning are Libertarian and want to legalize weed. I live in deep red area in Colorado they all are bout guns weed and mind your business. Dont trust them. Or anyone wanna legalized it focus on the state.

  2. Letting US Smoke Weed while the Communists STEAL the Country …But that OK, Cause you're Stoned Right? I am a Stage 4 Cancer Patient & POT SMOKER ….GO FUCK YOUR YOURSELF! Being able to Smoke Weed is not worth the Country. The Chinese and Camps are soon to Follow, MORONS!

  3. My bet is that Marijuana Laws won't change at all at the Federal Level. Why would the Democrats follow through on this promise, because they've failed to acknowledge all of their other campaign promises! After they get voted in, they abandon their campaign.

  4. The will and voice of the people on the topic of marijuana will never be heard , the DEA loses its relevence when they lose the investigation and prosecusion of marijuana . Roughly less than10% of the population smokes marijuana at any given time , bit only 1% of the population does hard drugs at any given time no matter how much coke meth and heroin the CIA brings in every week… That's what I believe is the reason marijuana won't be fully legalised . The prison industrial complex ) police and law enforcement unions are to powerful a lobby group , what would happen to the prison population if they let everyone out who was locked up on weed crimes ? No more privatized prisons and that's a part of the leo.lobbyist group….some.reason FDA won't ever make effective treatments of Cancer available to the masses …. Because the business of cancer makes so much money the way it is…Anyone.with cancer or has a loved one with cancer should look into ANTINEOLPLASTON'S ,.. dr Burzinski in houston …he has been battling the government since the 80's

  5. Hypocrite Biden drafted the crime bill that was used by Kamala to imprison hundreds of people and cost the California tax payer millions in lawsuits under Biden's crime bill for misdemeanor weed charges and false imprisonment of non violent criminals.

  6. Did not watch the whole clip but I do know Joe Biden your new President of the USA has a different idea on how to run the cannabis cash market it will be made in labs they grow THC with the help of yeast so you will not be buying green weed you will be in a form of a tablet tablet from the chemist All dispensaries will be shutting up shop and hydroponic home growers and Outdoor growers Growing your own weed will be illegal again government is your worst enemy and there’s money in it they will make sure like anything else cut out the middleman this will be happening soon all good things come to an end unfortunately

  7. Unfortunately I did not watch the whole clip on YouTube but there is one thing I know if you do your research Joe Biden call new president of the United States has another idea and no one is going to like it that grows weed it will be illegal to Grow Weed inside and outside due to carbon footprint for electricity hydroponics the new technology is using used to grow THC it will be no dispensaries in the next five years you will need to go to a chemist with a prescription from your doctor and you will receive tablet for THC levels will vary and CBD levels for your illness so growing weed in your backyard and in your house will be a legal all good things come to an end whoever voted for Biden That smokes weed you shot yourself in your foot should’ve done research before voting for him the government wants to control everything as you should know unless you’re been living in a hole with no Internet

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