Weekly Q&A: Bitcoin, Great Reset, MMT, Marijuana, Overstock, Crypto, Russia + China, Retirement

Welcome to the InvestAnswers weekly Q&A where we answered the most common questions from YouTube viewers. This week we cover Bitcoin, the Great …


  1. as always, great content; though I noticed you made an error in your marijuana discussion. Marijuanas two active ingredients are THC and CBD (cannabinoids), you mentioned "psilocybin" which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – which your body converts to psilocin once ingested which brings on psychotropic effects. there is a significant growing market with magic mushrooms – particularly in psychotherapy. check it out. great content as always!

  2. Marijuana companies and licensed retail outlets cannot compete against the black market. In Canada the government has not capitalized on the taxes as expected. Drugs are the downfall of western civilization, stay away from gateway drugs.

  3. 1 satoshi = .02 cents? What!? What kind of math is that? I mean, I wish, but at the time of your video 1 satoshi = 0.00049 USD. Are you in the future (if so, let me know what year!!)?

  4. You are a deep and philosophical thinker. I tried to articulate a question once before, but just heard it described by Vince Lanci re: Bitcoin. He suggests that once Bitcoin reaches a certain level, its limited supply will start to turn against it. ie: "the limitation of float will eventually work to kill price and liquidity" so what makes it so successful in its early stages will become its downfall in later stages… We can already see the big institutions buying up all of the daily supply. As prices increase and interest also increases, won't there come a point where the lack of float will be a negative?
    Keep up the great work – we all appreciate it!

  5. Q – with the massive rise of Bitcoin and fear of rising prices, should I take on debt to buy it now like some companies do? I.e micro strategy, etc ….My job is very stable so could afford a short term loan payment . Thx

  6. Do you really think only the Chinese and Russian governments have an eye on their citizens. I would bet all I have that it's the same in America, they know everything about you and have the power and technology to do whatever they want.

  7. That element psilocybin is not from cannabis its from psychedelic mushrooms. And thc actually kills cancer cells, I researched it for years because I couldn't believe it, but I talked with hundrets of cancer patients that used a decarboxilated cannabis oil with a thc amount of over 85%. It works for many illnesses, we have Endocannabinoids everywhere in our bodies 😉

  8. I love these Q&A sessions too, always incredibly interesting and informative. One day I'll catch one live and join in the chat. Also, I guess it was only a matter of time until the trolls started to encroach, but I can't imagine that you would ever let them wind you up – water off a duck's back 🙂 It was fascinating to see the emotional responses on various social networks at the time of the "dump"/correction, and then come to InvestAnswers for the rational response. Interestingly, the correction seemed to correspond with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange opening time, but the exchange was closed today for New Year. Curiouser and curiouser…

    PS I believe it's pronounced "silo-sigh-bin". Tim Ferriss has some fascinating content on this whole area in terms of cognitive optimisation and medicinal benefits.

  9. Thank you for answering my question!!! And you totally pronounced my name correctly 🙂 I am probably your biggest fan from Turkey, my respect to you for being the coolest crypto gentleman on youtube!

  10. First: I'm in the crypto space since 4 years and your helpful and clear content is the very best I have found in the web yet. Thank you!!!
    My Question: Don't you think the current bull run will go on much more longer than the last ones because of the change of the buyer's structure ( banks, companies etc.)? Is it possible to don't see a crypto winter any more It? It would be lovely to see your exit strategy video.
    Greets from Cologne

  11. searching for industrial hemp and biodegradable plastics companies to inverst in is what got me into investing a couple years back. I dont think algo is letting me add a limk or type certain worde so you will want to search engine henry ford and the hemp car vids – they are wonderful !!!… 🙂 – if u have not seen them b4…..

  12. i'm having a hard time posting comments???? tool up your playlists and you can easily offer up the limks in your cards, endscreens and particularly in the description or comment sections of your new vids to answer all the questions you will be getting in the future over and over about topics you have already covered over and over in time. I know you are a pro, dont mean to step on your toes. Iv'e built a chenmel or two, including my fledgling one, B. S. :). Chat at me if you want, i might be of some sort of serbice even if you dont realize it. later… algo is taking down certain words me think….

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