What does 500mg of THC feel like? (VERY HIGH DOSE)

THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. With chemical name – tetrahydrocannabinol, A normal dosage is around 10-20mg. I was given 500mg …


  1. I have to come on here and comment I was hoping someone else had a similar story/reaction as me so I know 100% I’m not the only one. A friend of mine gave me a pack of edibles (500 mg) pure THC on NYE 2020. I seriously never in my life felt so much fear, anxiety, my heart rate and breathing slowed down so much I thought I was dying. I almost told them to take me to the hospital, I kept trying to calm myself and tell myself you’re gonna be okay just lay down. I never smoked weed before and had eaten an edible once or twice that was like 10 mg. I felt like my soul was trapped in another realm and like I was accessing the spirit realm or something. I kept thinking my spirit was stuck in this space forever and this is eternity. I am so completely traumatized by the experience I’ll never eat an edible again. Thanks for sharing your story it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my life

  2. First time i went in on edibles… i had 610mg… i was in heaven and hell at the same time… this lasted for about 10 hours… i thought i had died in the hotel and my soul was stuck there… and i remember being extremely thirsty… never again!

  3. I ate two gummy’s and each had 500 mg last night and I made it to work but I’m still high but feel funny no one knows 😁 but last night it was a horrible experience I hop into the shower and tripped out the most I was definitely shaking luckily I had my orange juice then I threw up tree times the burrito I had then I seen colors then I heard voices and just wanted to go to bed so I had to wait like an hour because I was so fucking dizzy then when I had my chance before the dizziness comes back I made it to bed with some river sounds I put on my phone but yea I learned a lesson.

  4. Am sorry my dude this kinda happened to me too I took 3 big bites on this edibles chocolate bar but before that I had asian food and a monster to drink after words took few hits from a bong then had this drinkable weed I drink like One fourth maybe two fourths then that’s when I took like more then half of that edible chocolate bar and like a hour it hits felt like a rollercoaster my head felt like I was going up and down and to make matters worse I had cottonmouth so I was getting hella paranoid it took good Friends and an ex to calm me down yes I called my ex the one I cheated on even she came and calm me down I really thought I was gonna die

  5. I remember the first I ate an edible, it was stronger than I expected and I was so high and kept getting higher, I prayed to God to please get me out of that situation. Since then I have gotten too high a couple of times but because I got too confident. Some of those times I thought I was going to die and wanted to go to the hospital but I remembered the first time that I was fine and got myself through it

  6. This is like taking 50 beers when you never drink before. You are lucky you took cannabis. Because accept for a few scary moments nothing really happend. But if you do this with alcohol. You die. Why dont you try 10mg the next time 😉

  7. I'm surprised you got such a strong effect. I took a 100 mg edible recently, and I didn't think the effect was any more significant than with 20 mg. I think 20 mg is my peak and much beyond that doesn't make much difference. I'm not going to experiment with 500 mg just to confirm though 😛

  8. 500mg? omg I use edibles almost every day and I still can only do 10 mg. I am so happy your ok. You did right to call an ambulance. When your vitals are as yours were YES you CAN DIE. Blessings

  9. I took 500mg in my freshman year of high school and it was probably the most scariest adventure I’ve had yet 😂 I was literally forcing myself to stay awake for 4 hours as everything appeared like it was spinning, never in my life has weed felt this unenjoyable

  10. I appreciate the honesty because my first time I smoked too much I walked into my house and my mom was talking about somebody died and went to prison. I soon became paranoid and laid in bed. I felt that same sensation of panic and not being able to breath. But I think back and it was because everything fealt significant ; like when my mom was talking about someone dead and in prison o thought everyone was talking about me and maybe I actually was dead. So I cried out I'm dying lol. Went to the hospital and luckily was fine afterward except my friends weren't so chill about it. Long story short; when you take thc the main thing to worry about that will keep you from worrying about everything is ; everything seems significant but it is really not.

  11. I ate over 1000 mg one day but honestly probably wasnt 1000 def was high af but where I live shits not legal so there is no telling how much were in the edibles I ate but I ate a lot.

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