What percentage of your brain do you use? – Richard E. Cytowic

Two thirds of the population believes a myth that has been propagated for over a century: that we use only 10% of our brains. Hardly! Our neuron-dense brains …


  1. Actually, the 10%-Thing is not quite a Myth.
    Yes, its wrong IF phrased in some certain ways.
    But its actually true if phrased differently.

    I mean, yes, even a Sneeze activates all the parts of the brain,
    but thats not what this 'Myth' ever meant, so it literally doesnt matter.

    Its really just a Phrasing Problem,
    as its obvious fact and also obvious that humans do not
    use what they're capable of. I mean, it cant get more obvious.
    I really dont have to show evidence how easy it is to improve or
    talk about how laughable the idea is that humans will never evolve past
    what they're right now capable of. I mean, i dont throw around
    the word obvious for no reason, ya know.

    So yeah, its a Phrasing Problem and a bit more complex
    than saying 'Yeah, its just a Myth, duh'.

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  4. what i was thinking hypothetically… the world is just an accumulation of your senses, and these senses are simply chemical impulses- without 0% brain you cannot think, see, hear, feel, you cannot understand anything. you are consciously nothing. however, if you unlocked 100% of the brain, you are now able to control the brain. if you can control the brain, you can control the impulses, and therefore you can control the senses and are able to control what you think, see, hear, feel etc . i wrote this pretty fast but when i was watchign lucy this is what i was thinking. is this a valid argument for saying we only use 10% of the brains capacity..?

  5. If a human being practices something like juggling, overtime the activity in the Neurons taking the same path over and over again becomes automatic. This frees up energy to be using in the brain for another activity; multitasking. If that activity is practiced with repetition then couldnโ€™t both activities be performed with little energy; multitasking efficiency and proficiently?

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