Why Smoking Weed is Blocking your Manifestation

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  1. Just so yโ€™all know you constantly manifest based on your beliefs, assumptions, thoughts, visualizations, and imaginal acts. If you think weed is blocking your manifestations then it is. You have the power.

  2. I quit today! October is supposed to be my month of manifestation and I am choosing to quit and let my manifestations in โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‡ this is going to be really hard as someone that does a lottt, but I am so excited and grateful for the universes sign for me to quit. Send me positive vibes guys ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  3. That chart rings so much truth for me. Weed is always so confusing as I canโ€™t tell definitively if itโ€™s helping or hurting because honestly, it does do both! I just want to be stable and happy without it or any vice at all really.

    Been trying to quit weed for over a year now and itโ€™s incredibly difficult for me but Iโ€™m so excited to see where I can take my life with a sober mind. I feel like this time around will be better… as Iโ€™m really changing my lifestyle and perspective now, which I believe is necessary. These kinds of videos keep me on track, so thank you.

    Looking forward to part 2!!! Also, do you have any comments on coffee..? Iโ€™m kind of replacing weed with that and Iโ€™m not sure if thatโ€™s a less than great idea/a new vice lol.

  4. I live in Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ I quit a year & 5 months ago & it was the best decision I made for myself. I no longer crave it, & I have felt better without it. I do have a great support system who have shown me love, respect & have been cheering me on since day 1!! Thank you for this video & bringing awareness on this topic!!

  5. Yes! We all have the power to change our story! So many people allow old, toxic beliefs to affect our lives! I recently started changing my way of thinking and it has been helpful in changing my life for the better! What we think is most important!

  6. I'm kind of amazed how your video popped up for me… wasn't looking for it yet it perfectly fit into where I am and what I am trying to do. The guilt & shame are real. Thank you and welcome to Canada.

  7. I used to be a heavy smoker when I had PPD/PPA. I then realized once I started my awakening that I could use it for more shamanic reasons. I stopped using it to suppress or not be as impacted by my outside world.

    I then started smoking only when I wanted to raise my vibration and tap into my Clair abilities. A year later, I rarely do and only do so for shamanic journeys. I set intentions when I smoke. I meditate, I focus on my third eye.

    The thing is, we have to be careful because the weed today isnโ€™t the same. My guides have actually told me itโ€™s okay, like micro-dosing. I actually started moving away from flower and moving towards edibles.

    Micro-dosing is much easier and you donโ€™t need to revisit (the act of smoking is 70% of it). You also donโ€™t have to walk around smelling like it!

    I canโ€™t believe Iโ€™m even typing this but I get high on my spirituality and manifesting the divine feminine energy Iโ€™m working towards. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  8. Love this video! Quit smoking weed few months ago and only started realising how much it affected me negatively. As you said some people are affected some arenโ€™t. โค๏ธโœจ

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