Wood Radio Interview 4/20/18: Cannabis, CBD, Epidiolex, and Epilepsy

Wood Radio’s Steve Kelly interviews Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan’s Director of Education, Russ Derry. The brief interview focuses on the recent news that …


  1. CBD Fluid has been very helpful to me for other things than just my mild epilepsy. I can't use the CBD and my seizure medication at the same time or I feel overdosed and get real dizzy. My neurologist from the only place you can currently get Epidiolex in Nashville Tennessee has just now prescribed Epidiolex for me. Nervous about all the side effects I hear people talk about.

  2. I like that it's an oil. Would love to ask my neurologist what he thinks. Some of the meditations I'd been given over the years have been worse than the disease. Cannabis helps soften the effects of T.L.E. and has no side effects unlike the many chemicals I've been given. Jimmy

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