7: Compass Pathways Deep Dive – Patents, Peter Thiel and the Quest for Psychedelic Monopoly

Compass Pathways is the largest psychedelic stock by market cap, and was famously backed by Paypal and Palantir Founder Peter Thiel. In this episode I …


  1. Another FANTASTIC video! Guys, if you enjoyed this video remember to comment, like and subscribe to Brom's channel to support his growth. He is putting in so much time an effort for these videos, the least we can do is tell the algorithm that its great content!

    Question: Have you had a chance to look over the Compass Patent that just got approved? Trying to make sense of it at the moment, and understand if any of their sketch attempts got through. I don't think they did, but still trying to understand it. Thanks again!

  2. I’m loving everything about your channel so far, Brom! Thank you for sharing such detailed company breakdowns, insights, and time stamps 🙂 also, thanks for sharing your fun personality and style! If I were Dr Brauner, I’d certainly sponsor you haha

  3. Fantastic Deep Dive! Subscribed and looking forward to next vid. I'm interested in buying compass, but wouldn't it make more sense to wait for the ATAI IPO? With them, you get the benefits of compass (to a somewhat smaller degree) but at the same time you have diversification in the same stock through all the other companies that exist under the ATAI umbrella.. would appreciate your thoughts on this. cheers!

  4. Man, you're fucking quality (really, so, so great 😉
    These are very good analysis videos I think, and I love the hour long rambles, straight up my alley haha.
    And I appreciate the honest double side of things. Wanting your investment to grow, but also wanting what's good and ethical. These companies are all in a grey area, at best, morally speaking. With Compass probably at the blackest end of grey, but I guess that's what makes them the biggest. It's just sad that this is just the general psychedelic legislature, it's totally fucked, and it doesn't deserve to be.

    I think for the price estimates at the end they just have extremely high expectations for the soft furniture and muted colours. Maybe they're throwing millions of dollars into R&D for a special mute coloured paint?
    Maybe they should just ask you, the decoration in the backdrop looks pretty good for a trip 🙂

    Also, since you have all this great analysis. Care to share an opinion on Mydecine? I own them too, think they look good, but you definitely have a better view of stuff than I do.

  5. you did a better job than i expected. and what i mean by that is, while your bias towards compass was still showing, you did a pretty good job trying to focus on their negatives. i expected pretty good research, and that is what i got.. although it did feel like you didn't try to find their skeletons as much as you tried for mindmed and others. in any case, i look forward to the breakdown of ATAI video

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