1. M6 dad used to always say that if you do something for the recognition than you are doing it for yourself. When you do things because you are a good person who wants to help someone you don't need the recognition. You should get happiness yourself out of the good you do. That is the true spirit of being a giving person. You don't need the recognition and the Applause from everyone else because you in your heart are fulfilled.

  2. Kristina! Go for three! I had my kids at 34, 36, and 38. They're still little. I work and I am in grad school full-time, too because I am a glutton for punishment. You can do it. Vacations are probably the hardest part, honestly, but you can take someone with you and it will be so much easier. You will never regret the kids you have, promise!

  3. Description box: spilling the beans 😂 I grew up with that saying. I'm only 33, but it makes me feel old with how many sayings have changed. If I had a dime for every time I've had to Google what the heck something means that the younger ones post, I could probably afford that beautiful ring 😂

  4. love how genuine you are, I believe and trust everything you say and relate to so many things you mention… I am a long time shadowing follower just commenting to say have faith in your scrub line, It will be so good and I can't wait to see it. Love XOXO

  5. I have a lot of hope for the scrub line as well. I'm happy to hear that it's launching this year. I graduate Nursing school in December and I was wanting that as part of my graduation present.

  6. Hi! I just discovered your channel and I love your videos. I was wondering if you could give your thoughts on becoming a CRNA and if it’s a worthwhile career choice say compared to NP. Thank you, I hope you have a good day. 🙂

  7. We are adding a bonus room with walk in pantry and were looking at a Scotsman nugget ice maker and crushed ice. Quite pricey, so it’s on our wish list….still debating if it’s worth it.

  8. What you were speaking about in regards to philanthropy is totally my perspective. Real giving doesn’t need a name on the building to count. One of the reasons I was annoyed tillman fertitta wouldn’t keep the name hofheinz pavilion on the UH basketball arena. If he really wanted to give from his heart, he wouldn’t have to name it after himself.

  9. If you do a pre-sell on the scrubs a few weeks before the launch, it would give you more control on the inicial inventory, and could help to prevent over producing pieces to protect your investment

  10. Darling, please can you try and start shake off the "deathly fear of failure" because I feel that is a huge waste of your beautiful energy and I don't want you to lose any sleep on worry that is unnecessary 💜💕😘

  11. People can do what they want. No judgment here, but I respect that you want to keep your medical career to some degree or another. You worked really hard to get it!

  12. my emotional shopping trips are me going to the pet store and buying new fish for my 3 tropical fish tanks lol. got 5 new fish today .. a 10cm long chinese algae eater, and 4 x black neon tetras hahahaa

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