1. Check Amyris for a really good future of CBD investment. I've been in since $2 and it's sitting at $22. They synthesize CBD and CBG and canibinoids from sugar cane. They're already huge into CDB cosmetics and "clean beauty". They are in trials for an acne solution and will shortly be used as an adjunct for vaccines. Will be a $100 stock in no time….now… where are those CBD "Pretty Girls"! 😉

  2. So apparently marijuana was a regular used substance by ordinary Thais before the 1970's, and wasn't officially banned as a class 5 substance until the US ramped up it's War on Drugs and pressured Thailand to do the same by giving them millions of dollars worth of aid. That consequently resulted in mass incarcerations in Thailand (much like the US). Once the US officially legalizes weed, the Thai government will probably follow suit and legalize THC, since it's a very lucrative cash crop these days.

    Is the ban still widely enforced these days? Are there police raids against anyone who buys and uses THC, or is it just something people use on the down low and police look the other way?

  3. Mmmmm Cawfee, cookies and gummy’s 🤤🤤🤤.
    Seriously, good to see some positive advances in the penetration of these products into the market there.
    They seem to be more progressive than a few so called advanced cultures.

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