Brisbane residents hit by new runway pain | 7NEWS

Loud, low and unbearable. That’s how residents under Brisbane’s new flight path have described the noise. More than 2000 people have taken part in a survey …


  1. The airport has been there for many years and its been well known that the airport purchased the second runway land all those decades, decades ago for expansion.
    Now that all the karens have moved into the silverspooning suburbs they complain

    Let me guess, you are all the complainy pants that move next to a raceway, then complain about the motorsport noise .


  2. The nastiness of the commentators so far shows just how ugly, ignorant and unsympathetic parts of our society has become. Try show some compassion people! It costs you nothing and I guarantee will help make for a nicer society.

  3. If only people making fun of those impacted knew that this is not just about aircraft noise, but forcing a private organisation that's partially owned by foreigners (Amsterdam's Schiphol) to abide by what they promised to the neighbouring communities and stop abusing the power that was given to them by our incompetent and boneless politicians. Their EIS study was severely flawed, the number of flights and the noise levels are already way beyond what their "modelling" and "studies" forecasted (and this is during covid times with almost zero international flights) and they ignored their own flight path design guidelines.

  4. Try Quies wax earplugs and you’ll sleep through planes, thunderstorms etc but you can still hear your alarm on your phone in the morning – I’ve sworn by them for 15 years now and I sleep very well indeed.

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