1. Who is the interviewee in this piece? I'm working on educational modules for historic use of thc and cbd varieties of cannabis and would appreciate learning more about their insights.

  2. when u wanna help others but docs current healthcare cause more deaths than war with other countries then medical malpractice perjury malicious prosecution etc will end all pussies careers responsible many grew up before 1996 before it was legalized with more propaganda n other bs many didn't think it get this far but it's not slowing down and will get revenge for the ones in early graves dealt with bs sickness etc

  3. In summary, chemists are allowed to do research for big pharma, but it's dangerous and illegal to grow medicine in the safety of your own house because the demand for the product is kept so much higher than the supply that people act recklessly due to the inflated prices. Seems pretty clear the biggest hindrance to getting medicine is self imposed in order to channel money through the medical system. Just don't think about it too hard and buy our product.

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